Wednesday, March 12, 2014

blog entry #1 pgs. 1-99

She was raised rich. She sees other people like peasants dirty and filthy. I remember when she was on the train the little girl was dirty and Esperanza took the doll away from her.


  1. Hello Rodolfo it's Jesse, I would like to apologize for being late with my letter and blogging later, I promise to be on top of the blogging from now on. Ok now where do we begin? Once upon a time... just kidding, we both know Esperanza Rising doesn't really start like this. But it might as well, because Esperanza lives a fairytale life. Her father is a wealthy landowner, and Esperanza is his only pampered child. She has silk dresses, porcelain dolls, and all the papaya salad she can eat. Every year after the grape harvest, her parents, grandmother, and all the household servants throw her a huge birthday party; however this years is a big change for Esperanza because her father passes away and she is forced to move to the United States of America where her family is not rich. Remember how she looked at that little girl, who isn't as fortunate to be wealthy. Well Esperanza is now in a foreign country and now she is placed in that little girls shoes and forced to see the world from a different perspective. How do you think this will change Esperanza ?